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Generate Income with Drones

When people think of ways to make money using their commercial drones, the first thing that usually comes to mind is photos and video.  Maybe a real estate agent taking photos of a home's roof, or a videographer using it to get unique shots at a wedding.  These aren't bad ideas, and might make you an extra $1,000 on the weekend.  But how would you like to make $20,000 for using your drone to fly along a natural gas pipeline that has a leak, and finding that leak in hours instead of days which saves the company $50,000 in fines from the EPA.  These are the types of drone gigs that pay the big bucks!

It's Not The Drone, but the Payload...

The drone is obviously a very important part of your drone business, but arguably the more important part and where you stand to make the most money is your investment in the things you attach to your drone.


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